Friday, October 29, 2010

How to use tiny URL to get gifts

Many have asked me  how to use tiny URL to give gifts in mafia can use spockholm bookmarklet
Just right click the link above and bookmark it or jusr drag it to the bookmark bar in your chrome and mozilla

With this you can auto generate your gift URL and ask mafia for return gifts.

Gifts URL for 29 October

Mystery Bag:
Red Mystery Bag:
Italian Hardwood:
Marble Slab:
Stone Column:
Terracotta Tiles:
Mystery Shipment:
Satchel of Lira:
Mystery Animal:
Special Part:


Anonymous said...

Many players are intimidated by bookmarks, "unframing" and so forth. I have compiled a note that explains much, clearly and concisely for the curious who need a helpful nudge to take the leap (and when they do, they are off and running). It is open to all, shareable and comments welcome.

Anonymous said...

is htere a way to make a tinyurl for say an item in properties that is not on the link in nator list? the ones you can only get thru asking for every 24 hours.