Monday, December 20, 2010

Item analyzer by spockholm

New bookmarklet that will analyze your inventory. For the new inventory layout only.
[[Do not rely on the stats 100%, always verify manually before gifting away items.]]

After updates from zynga inventory and profile page is fully changed as well new.Earlier we could see all weapons on our profile page and the length was increasing day by day and difficult from them keep up the height of the profile page with lots of vehicles ,weapons etc coming daily.So they come with idea to see all weapons only from the inventory page and keep profile page clean with only stats and achievements and to set the status of inventory public or private.

With the new update the blofeld's tools wont work from profile page and will show error and mafia wars helper item analyzer  also not workign and showing the error 

Mafia Wars is now using the new inventory page.

This is a major change and I am doing my best to adapt MWHelper Analyzer to this change ASAP. Please be patient as this change requires lots of work and time from my side and most likely things will not be as simple as before.

Thank you!

Spockholm new bookmarklet can be seen at its experimental page HERE
or directly book this Spockholm item analyzer 
Run this by unframing the mafia wars.

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